FIFA game

Top FIFA online games

For the last few years, FIFA has become the dominator in the online football game system which upgrades, produce or franchise a huge number of game annually.

In this article, we refer top FIFA online games as useful recommendations for your option.

1/ FIFA 17

It is the first game to use technology of Frostbite engine which is extremely monstrous to create nice graphics and high effect of performance. As a good result, it brings new experience for players.

This game remarks an important event to take story mode effectively. It’s great when you support Alex Hunter to make his dream about a pro footballer become true.

However, there are some drawbacks in FIFA 17. It’s AI function. When using playing career and offline modes, it limits ability to make scores because they are extremely defenders for AI. This function can cause boring or disappointed for player.

2/ FIFA Football 2005

If someone loves the nostalgic style, this game is a good choice. When launching, it has been introduced on almost online store such as PlayStation 2 and Xbox plus.

It has some new models to make more interesting. Firstly, it is ability to create your new own players by your though. It’s amazing when building up a player with profile as well character as your option. When you have more achievements, you can create more players in a team and allowed officially to join all the top leagues in the world. It’s great when you make good team in your mindset.

3/ FIFA World Cup 2010

It is highly appreciated as a good spin off game. Players feel satisfactory when they can select any incredible selection in total 199 national teams.

This game also has some breakthrough when they improve on the graphics and cut scenes.