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10 free driving games you should try (Part 3)

If you are a fan of speed and online game, you shouldn’t miss our following ranking. We refer to top 10 driving games on smartphone you should play. Especially these games have promotion for free version. So, you can get several experiences before purchasing it officially.

6, Stunt Rally

This game lets you to try feeling in many races: single races, multiplayers and face up with challenges and rivals to reach final championships. It’s not easy but push your mind to be stronger and braver.

Someone feels this game is entertaining on these silly trick races. To increase level, you can adjust track editor. There are newly unique challenges before you.

7, Drift City

This game brings old-school gem view with colorful and fast cars. You feel this time is good to relax without caring about any other issue.

It has arcade-style. However, some rumors that it will no longer be ready to download free in the recent time. So, don’t hesitate to get experience before it is invalid.

8, Simraceway

In a free version, you can choose one of 36 current real-world tracks. It’s not bad for one trial.

This game is advertised and polished to access more fans of driving car. In this game, there are more than 40 manufacturers about cars for your option. All cars licensed and equipped enough features.

9, Need for Speed: Most Wanted

You can download and use it free in a limited time. It’s suitable for all ages.

In this game, you will run from the cops then drive in street races. It’s a fast-paced driving game.

10, RaceRoom Racing Experience

This game has some free options to download. If wanting more additional function, you need to pay money.

In this game, you focus on race faster and faster than other competitors.

Online games

10 free driving games you should try (Part 2)

As shared, driving game is one of the most favorite games for people in their free time. So, many manufacturers focus on this potential market to do business.

Here, we continue to share top 10 free games about driving. Although some games are limited modes and functions, it’s enough for your trail to get real experience before deciding to pay money for purchase the final version.

Following our ranking to discover top free driving games.

3, Nations Foreveri

Nations Forever is one of version of Track Mania which is well-known as a funny and interesting game for everyone. Even you can be younger than 10 years old when giving experience in this game.

In this game, your mood will increase highly when catching racing cars or shooting through loops and jumping throughout slopes or mountains.

In free version, you also are the right to download more cars from their data.

4, Rigs of Rods

Although Rigs of Rods is stopped to upgrade higher levels, basic version is enough to bring new experience for yourself.

When being launched, it is praised as a leading game due to using soft body physics. Then, it has not received much profit as expectation, so the producer decides to stop it.

However, it can still download and share live files for users under a different type. 

During countless hours for exploration, drivers can touch some real crashes. It brings real emotions and comfort at the endless crashes.

5, Racer

If you care about dabbing with design than graphics, Racer is the best choice for you.

Although it is used simple graphics, it is completely designed with thousands of cars and tracks under other brands. You can download and drive any type you are interesting.

Then creating content to suit your story and vehicle. World of Racer is available for your imagination. 

Online games

10 free driving games you should try (Part 1)

In the technology world, we have many ways to relax and release stress without going outside. One of the favorite relaxing way for the young and kids is to play online game.

If players can arrange timetable properly for games, it’s great because games can bring a lot of benefits. So, let it become a smart player to maximum effects and advantages from online game.

In this article, we share 10 free driving games for your reference. If you are a fan of race and speed, you should follow our ranking.

1, Copa petrobras de marcas

This game is a product of founder Reiza Studios when they want to introduce some driving races in Brazil to come the online world. They focus on the PC market, therefore the configuration for Copa Petrobras de Marcas is extremely big.

However, players can meet satisfactory about speed as well art design in game. It looks as driving races in the real life of Brazil.

This game is also licensed by some Brazilian manufacturers, so the content in game is impressive and close as the race tracks.

This game has been launched with free sim to attack more people to access to Brazil driving races.

2, Victory: The age of racing

In the first released time, some critics gave negative feedbacks and comments about content of game. However, it has been gradually changed when players feel satisfactory when playing this game.

Almost players become good racers in their game. Particularly, it’s completely free to download in PC. You can use up it in a long time with a wide range of car races during the decades.

If you want to consume a deluxe edition, you can purchase the higher version. The fact, free trial has a variety source of game for your relaxing.

Online games

Top benefits of online games for kids

Almost people consider that playing online games is not good for kids. Because it is in the growth process, it’s better to go out and enjoy outdoor activities. The truth that going out is right action. But it doesn’t mean playing game is terrible for any case. 

Once kids can control and adjust their timetable suitably, playing online games becomes interesting and has many benefits.

In this article, we continue to discuss top outstanding benefits of online games for kids. It’s great when parents can find good channels to push and develop kid’s brain fully and successfully.

5/ Online games encourage more exercises

According to some surveys, specifically for boys, kids talk about new movements and exercises from sport online games. Then they are interested in practicing them like basketball, skateboards, football.

The fact, online sports games helps to inspire new emotion and excitement so that they have more experience and feeling to play realistic sports. When action, they think and imagine to games then take advantage of good skills by theory to go into the life.

6/ Online games lets kids push competition skills

In games, normally kids compete with other opponents to flight and find the winning. therefore, it pushes recognition and competition skills for kids.

Then it’s better when kids apply positive thinking to the real life to compete with their peers and win. 

Actually, online game is a good way to express and push competitive urges. However, you should explain kids that competitive skill is good but not at all for every game. Sometimes they need to become losers to understand and try better.

Furthermore, competitive skill only should be encouraged by positive thinking so that kids still have good mood in case they face with failure. Some kids become negative and under pressure about winning but it’s not good and not encouraged.

Online games

Top benefits of online games for kids

Playing online games can bring a lot of benefit to develop brain, thought as well spirit efficiently in case you can control it in your timetable. Especially, the kids are on process of growth. They are easy to be affected by good information and bad information. If you are smart parents, you should encourage kids to play online games positively, instead preventing or banning them to access to the Internet and games.

In this article, we continue to share top the best benefits of playing games online for kids so that you can take advance of good choice to educate your kids efficiently.

4/ Playing helps to inspire interest to discover history and culture

According to research, many kids prefer to playing games of legend such as age of mythology, civilization or age of empires. Stories in these games encourage kids to discover more knowledge about history, geography or culture of other nations and places in the world. 

As a good reaction, they are easy to receive and remember this information rather than they listen instruction or sharing from the adult. 

If playing online game brings big benefit like this, why you don’t try it as a trial for your kids. Sure that there are much novelties for kid’s discovery and follow. Such as they can pick up a wide range of history events or system of various languages. They are creative and technical skills in education kids.

5/ Playing helps to make more friends

The kids play online games as a social activity with interest and fun. Therefore, they are easy to make new friends from hang out function or structured time in games.

They usually play with a group or team. So they need to improve teamwork skill to reach good result. 

As a habit, they make social and friendly when talking new friends by online chat. It’s useful to apply this skill in their normal lives.

Online games

Top benefits of online games for kids

Someone doesn’t allow their children to play games because they worry that game can be addictive and not good to develop the brain. However, people don’t know that online games have still some benefits. As well playing sport brings good benefits for health like improving all muscles and bones in the body, playing games has also good benefits to improve brain better and longer.

Following our article, we will analyze top basic cognitive benefits of online games for kids. Hope that you will have proper solutions to instruct your kids in playing game.

1/ Improve coordination among parts in body

In playing a game, kids don’t only stare at the screen of computer, they also co-operate other parts in body to reach good activities in games, such as combination among the visual, audial and physical movement.

In general, it’s good for brain of the kids because they are in growth process, these activities look like exercise to practice and develop their brain better and more effectively in other jobs.

2/ Improve skills to solve problem

Online games require certain rules, even it’s more strict than traditional games so that all players can comply and follow it smoothly. To take action it successfully, kids also think carefully before making decision. It’s the best way to maintain game in a long time.

When kids follow problem-solved skills, they can improve good skills and mind set to solve other problem in their life.

3/ Enhance their memory

As referred that kids’ brains are sensitive in growth process, so playing game is a good way to enhance their memory better and longer, including visual and audial memory.

For example, kids need to remember rules and regulations of games, then they can start playing it. Through memorizing something, brain usually is taken care and active in usual.

FIFA game

Top FIFA online games

Online games become popular and interesting in recent years. It’s convenient when you can play game at anytime, anywhere you like through smart phones or computers. It’s more exciting when you look like playing a pro match of some tournaments. You can arrange team, then use one fixed performance and lead your team to take action.

Online games make more relaxing and professional for any player. So, it’s welcomed warmly.

In this article, we share top FIFA online games you should try at least one time. If you tend to play online game in free time, following our recommendations,

4/ FIFA 14

FIFA 14 has been brought as a great franchise to create new feeling for users. It’s applied to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is also considered as the first game offering Ultimate team legends in chemistry style brings new experiences for users.

Launched since 2014 when all fans followed the World Cup championship in Brazil, the founder of FIFA14 was really smart to take advantage and spread new customer with only 5000 coins for cost. This fee was suitable whereas services were good.

5/ FIFA 15

FIFA 15 has taken inspiration from FIFA 14, then there are a few renovations from the previous capacities to make more modern and exciting.

In this game, players can see clearly improvement of the outside views. It’s better it can help you to see overview changes or attitudes of fans and other players.

In this game, we see a big event when founders of EA sports have already deal and negotiated with customers and founder of the Premier fight.

6/ FIFA Street pin

Different to other FIFA games, FIFA Street spin focus on develop matches with complicated skills and enough passes.

It also receives good reviews about speed to solve situations. It’s has fast pace crazily to make goals super and exactly.