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10 free driving games you should try (Part 1)

In the technology world, we have many ways to relax and release stress without going outside. One of the favorite relaxing way for the young and kids is to play online game.

If players can arrange timetable properly for games, it’s great because games can bring a lot of benefits. So, let it become a smart player to maximum effects and advantages from online game.

In this article, we share 10 free driving games for your reference. If you are a fan of race and speed, you should follow our ranking.

1, Copa petrobras de marcas

This game is a product of founder Reiza Studios when they want to introduce some driving races in Brazil to come the online world. They focus on the PC market, therefore the configuration for Copa Petrobras de Marcas is extremely big.

However, players can meet satisfactory about speed as well art design in game. It looks as driving races in the real life of Brazil.

This game is also licensed by some Brazilian manufacturers, so the content in game is impressive and close as the race tracks.

This game has been launched with free sim to attack more people to access to Brazil driving races.

2, Victory: The age of racing

In the first released time, some critics gave negative feedbacks and comments about content of game. However, it has been gradually changed when players feel satisfactory when playing this game.

Almost players become good racers in their game. Particularly, it’s completely free to download in PC. You can use up it in a long time with a wide range of car races during the decades.

If you want to consume a deluxe edition, you can purchase the higher version. The fact, free trial has a variety source of game for your relaxing.