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Learn about FIFA Online 3 Football Game for Windows (Part 2)

When participating in playing FIFA Online 3 games, you will be free to play, you can build your own competition tactics, monitor the statistics of other players, participate in the transfer conferences to bridge Player for the next season, etc.

In the third part of the 10th edition, FIFA 3 online for Windows-based computers has changed, modified and added some new and improved features much more than the 2nd FIFA game.

On Windows PC or computer installed Windows players will see some changes in the screen interface like your chat frame – the world chat friends and frames have been moved to a corner on the right of the computer screen So now, you just need to press Enter on the computer screen to start the conversation.

Some other functions have also been changed such as changing the game, players can set the interface to display the information of players participating in the football, and you can take a screenshot of the computer screen by pressing the key F2.

Players can update good players who are transferred and recruit them for the next tournament season, you can see the information of those players such as the player’s hidden index – Trait; style of play – Specialties, etc.

The information related to the player’s stats will also be updated based on their performance, health, performance in real life, in addition, their appearance index will be changed to look like the outside. real life.

Tournaments and trophy struggles are also updated from amateur to legendary levels, in Ultimate Mode there will be 1 to 5 levels, adding a great reward in trophies, assuming you join the battle If the World Super Cup is won, there will be a Legendary reward of up to 3,000,000 EP.

The gameplay is also changed as the ball kicks, the Techniques, movement, support, new movements, victory celebrations are also improved and appealed to players.

The control in the 10th edition FIFA Online 3 Game is also improved, the player can use the gamepad key – controlled by hand, using the keyboard key – controlled by the keyboard, or you can press the “button” Control Key “for control instructions.

FIFA game

Learn about FIFA Online 3 Football Game for Windows (Part 1)

lectronic Arts and their colleagues have now released some of the world’s most popular soccer games that are of interest to people like FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, Tiger. Wood PGA Tour, FIFA 2, FIFA 3, FIFA 4, NBA Live, FIFA Soccer, etc.

My article will tell about the process of FIFA 3’s birth and some important details of FIFA online football game in the 3rd part of version 10 for Windows-based computers hope you spend some time reading his article. At the same time, I also shared the link to download FIFA Online 3 game so that you can download and install it to your computer.

Here, I would like to introduce some details about online football game FIFA 3 and guide you how to get the download link to install for Windows computers.

Online football game FIFA 3rd part version 10 is updated for computers installed Windows operating system on May 25, 2016, and so version 10 of FIFA Online 3 has just been released on PC and Windows less than a month but now it is attracting thousands of participants to download and install online football games for Windows computers.

This is a free game, please quickly download and install FIFA 3 game for Windows to experience what awaits you in the front.

FIFA Online 3 is an online football simulation sport game that has been confirmed worldwide reputation for many years.

Coming to the top FIFA online football game in the 3rd part of the 10th edition, you will be able to participate in major professional tournaments in the world such as La Liga, MLS, Bundesliga, Premier League (Premier League) and many other tournaments, gamers also have the opportunity to play with famous soccer stars in the world, or to see first-hand the players you admire, the famous teams in the world, etc.