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FIFA 20 Mobile is the top football game of EA nowadays

No need to spend expensive money like the PC version, now just a mid-range phone, you can download and experience 100% free FIFA 20 Mobile game. It is known that this is the top football game in the FIFA series of EA. This mobile version is released in parallel and separately with FIFA 20 on PC and Console.

Very nice graphics, not inferior to the PC / Console version

The first impression of the player about FIFA 20 Mobile is that this game has a fairly demanding configuration. With a total capacity of only 456 MB, FIFA 20 Mobile proved to be much friendlier than its predecessors. This move shows that EA is really interested in mobile players and wants to popularize their game to more segments.

Although the capacity is not too high, the quality of graphics and images of FIFA 20 Mobile is still carefully cared for by the developers. The game runs smoothly, beautiful graphics, realism from each running movement, hand to hand to the finish, celebrate.

The only minus point of this mobile version is the faces of the players. Except for some prominent names, we will see that the rest of the players are the same and there is little difference

The gameplay is getting better and better

If players have had a boring experience with old gameplay, now you can feel secure and enjoy the match the same way it is played on the PC version. The unique way of celebrating, moving and controlling softly, honestly with special skill system, extremely rich with each player. The movements in the game are also quite carefully invested by EA, from the tackling phase to the posture of finishing the ball and finishing, all significantly improved compared to the gameplay of the previous version.

You can choose to build your dream team by using “Team color” – something that is familiar to Fifa Online 3 and 4. believers. It gives you a list of players from the same team. a club, league or country in the current squad, thereby increasing the index of the players. Use filters to add options that help you find potential and suitable players, then make the right decision to be able to complete the remaining pieces of the squad.

FIFA game

FIFA 20 has launched 3 new features (Part 2)

By continuing to improve the Ultimate Team mode, the EA has just officially confirmed the changes that will appear in the upcoming Career Mode to satisfy fans.

As one of the indispensable game modes of FIFA, Career Mode, though always well evaluated in many ways, does not have too many improvements in the recent versions and is always stagnant in changes or additions.

By continuing to improve the Ultimate Team mode, the EA has just officially confirmed the changes that will appear in the upcoming Career Mode to satisfy fans who are waiting for a new makeover.

Pre-match Press Conference And Player Interaction

The pre-match press conference was added to Career Mode in FIFA 19, but it didn’t seem to have any special effects. The pre-match coach’s statements are not really important, so players expect EA to bring more interactive effects and each such statement will have a certain impact throughout. game play process.

Therefore, EA said in this new version, the press conferences before and after the game will affect the morale of the players along with assessing the quality of the coach. In terms of communication, a message dialog interface will appear and the player must resolve the player’s requests through feedback or direct actions to resolve the situation.

EA said: “Career Mode’s newly developed tool within the Industry Mode allows manufacturers and designers to leverage huge amounts of data and create dozens of unrelated stories from player experience and you guys play football.

This means that the experience of each match will be recorded very differently by so many different journalists and the feeling it will bring will be very honest and dynamic, depending on the final result, the number of goals. scored, about the opponent, about the time and the stage of the competition.”

In addition, the player’s mental system will also be affected by conversations, press conferences along with a number of other factors such as salary, team expectations, overall performance. Therefore, players must try to do the best they can to keep the players in their team always satisfied.