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FIFA 2020 launches mobile version

FIFA 2020 launches the mobile version as soon as the PC version of FIFA 20 is officially available. So is the big EA expressed its ambition to destroy every gaming platform with its sports blockbuster. FIFA 2020 Mobile is currently just a beta with a few features that allow early experience.

EA has officially released a beta version of FIFA 2020 for mobile platforms, which is good news for FIFA fans if they do not have enough computer configuration to play the version that requires configuration. High picture on computer.

FIFA 2020 Mobile is currently just a beta for early access with limited functionality. With the release of this beta, EA hopes to continue to improve the game better before the full version is released. Through user reviews and suggestions, EA will have the appropriate upgrades, changes and additions when the beta period ends.

The current beta offers 4 modes including the usual Classic 1 vs 1, Attack mode, Head to Head mode and kick mode with AI. All modes have rewards when the player wins. There are also some points gamers need to know about this beta:

– Players using iOS devices must play through Test Flight, download TestFlight for iPhone

– The beta version has no transfer market, is expected to launch when the beta is over.

– Assets like shoes, balls are fully available when the beta version is released and will be constantly updated.

– Achievements and rewards will not be carried over to the next season.

– Players in the top end will not be promoted but allowed to exchange to help the squad improve.

– The game has a BXH system, players need to compete for points to receive rewards.

Do not hesitate any longer, please quickly download the game according to the links above and start experiencing FIFA 2020, build up your style team right away. Also, if you own a highly configurable computer, you can download and play FIFA 20 for PC. Have fun!

FIFA game

FIFA 20 has launched 3 new features (Part 3)

Many Custom Choices

With recent strong strides in bringing women’s football into FIFA 16 and street football into FIFA 20 (Volta mode), both sexes are able to participate in the sport of kings equally.

Although the number of female soccer managers in real life is counted on the fingers, the new options for customization in FIFA 20 have taken this mode to a new level.

EA shared that the new Career Manager mode gives you the freedom to create avatars that reflect your own style, and it will also be reflected in the game. In addition, you can freely change your management outfit at any time during the season.

More importantly, the game also allows the creation of male and female managers, and this is considered the first time we have done this. As for customization and accessories, we will provide a large range of outfits as soon as the mode starts and ensure the most detailed changing experience. The costumes will vary from casual clothing to more casual or luxurious choices.

Potential Of The Players

The last addition to Career Mode this time is the ability to change a player’s potential, understanding that the way they show up in every game will change the subject’s assessment of the player. Regardless of the player’s age, their potential will increase if they play well.

For players who are near the retirement age, the potential of each player decreases and is expressed through a drop in the index instead of an improvement. In addition, the quality of players in every game is also very important.

If you have a striker who can’t score or a defender with a wrong eye, you will see the potential and contribution of those players goes down.

Above are the new features that FIFA 2020 will soon bring to players. The game promises to be a blockbuster in the sports game industry. Try FIFA 2020 to experience the great changes!