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PES 2020 Mobile Review: The best mobile football game ever

Konami has brought the kind of authentic football we need without having to be extravagant in appearance. Konami shows people to appreciate the picture because it’s beautiful, not because of the frame.

First, the thing that makes everyone admire about PES 2020 Mobile is the stunning configuration. The graphics of the game are extremely beautiful and bring modern breath 4.0, eye-catching right from the game. Sharp, meticulous images to every small detail make the player voyeuristic. The players who represent the club image are taken care of like the pictures in the magazine.

The interface of Pes 2020 is designed to be simple and easy to see. When entering custom details in Squad, the black and blue background appears in the eyes, the player’s frame becomes prominent.

Personally, I appreciate the best ever of Mobile PES. Konami blew soul into the first ball with a bounce, bouncing hard to guess, unlike the inanimate “rolling ball”. Through the analysis of the Iniesta legend, the players in the game come to life as they are. The posture of receiving the ball is very soulful. The movements of jumping, pouring the direction of the players are all distinctive.

Similarly, the postures lose balance, stumble. The posture and control of the body has been taken to a new level with the personal attributes of the stars. The spin of the ball, the force and technique of the pass combine the posture, the first touch technique of the individual receiver is crucial to the efficiency of the pass.

The set of individual stats strongly influences the way players play on the field. For a technical player like Messi, step 1 is much different from Lukaku. In the encirclement of the opponent to catch the ball sent out by 1 meter means that he lost the ball.

The physical interaction in the game is built by Konami in the form of a reaction chain based on the actual playing ball that Iniesta – the master of body control and the ball, advises. The praiseworthy part is that Konami has separated the balance from (Balance) from the general (Physical Contact) – the overall physical interaction. This makes the game very life, when not only the big players keep up the good guy like Pes 2019 but the small players like Iniesta, Messi, Hazard, etc. also keep a very good balance thanks to the control of the engine. and focus properly.

Konami pays special attention to the posture – this is precisely because the receiving, passing, crossing, and shooting posture will determine the quality and accuracy of that ball. The focus on the posture of the player also shows that you can not turn away, do not need to turn the right way, no need to turn the neck or that can launch an accurate pass. In an uncomfortable position or quickly approached you can not have a finishing phase as expected.