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Top 10 best online racing games for PC (Part 1)

Previously the number of people who loved racing and choosing racing challenges was not popular, today the racing game is increasingly popular. On the market there are many notable names. Today will introduce to you the top 10 best PC online racing games.

In recent years, the number of people participating in online PC racing games has been increasing, so many projects were born to serve the great needs of players. However, here are the most notable names for everyone.

1. Project Cars 2

Those who love the racing game genre or for PC in the simulation style, this is an interesting suggestion. Before starting to start on the track, players need to choose a suitable vehicle. After that, there are extremely interesting and attractive tracks with beautiful graphics that will make it difficult for you to take your eyes off.

However, you need to be highly focused because sometimes there are unexpected but dangerous bends that make you fail miserably at any time.

Be a great racer with online racing game PC – Project Cars 2 before confronting a strong opponent of some international level.

Minimum configuration

OS: Windows 10 (+ specific versions of 7)

CPU: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 3450, 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350


Graphics: GTX680 or equivalent

DirectX: Version 11

Drive needs free: 50 GB

Recommended configuration:

OS: Windows 10

CPU processor: Intel i7 6700k

RAM: 16 GB

Graphics: NVidia GTX 1080 or AMD Radeon RX480

DirectX: Version 11

Available space: 50 GB

Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card

See details:

2. Ultimate Race

Korea is not too famous for the swordplay games, but for the online racing game PC, the most popular name is Ultimate Race. The way to play it is quite simple with easy-to-manipulate controls that help players can easily perform on the keys of the computer.

If you are new to this online PC racing game, you are very likely to lose because there is no experience. But after getting used to the tactics in there, winning is too easy.

Players can choose for themselves the terrain to race such as desert, racetrack or in the city with many vehicles passing after finding the car shape according to their preferences in the collection of the game.

Sports Games

The best sports simulation games to play on PC (Part 4)


Developer: Jan Willem Nijman

Premiere Date: November 2012

This was originally a bonus game for those who supported the SportsFriends game project on Kickstarter. Tennes is a simple tennis game with flexible game rules. For example, the game does not prohibit you from jumping over the net and playing on the opponent’s court. If you like SportsFriends, you will love Tennes.

Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix

Premiere Date: July 2015

The way to play Rocket League is simple: like football but the player is replaced with cars with rocket. The special thing of the game is the strange physics system: the ball moves slowly like it is spinning slowly, causing many funny and inhibiting situations for the player.


Developer: De Gute Fabrik

Premiere Date: December 2014

SportsFriends is a set of offline multiplayer games with a sports theme. Hokra is a fast-paced, minimalistic ice hocket game, BariBariBall is a combination of Super Smash Bros with volleyball, Super Pole Riders is a strange pole jumping game. The common point between them is that they are extremely happy to play with a group of friends.

Bloodbowl 2

Developer: Cyanide Release

Premiere Date: September 2015

The Blood Bowl board game is a game from a long time ago, but still exists to prove it has a mysterious attraction. It is one of the most both inhibiting and entertaining games. Everything requires you to shake the dice, which means sometimes players will die in a sluggish manner just because they … run too fast. The electronic version of the Blood Bowl does quite well, but the beauty of this game lies in its famous unique set of rules.

Frozen Cortex

Developer: Mode7

Premiere Date: February 2015

Frozen Synapse’s turn-based battle system, in which both sides had to calculate and make their moves at the same time, turned out to be a very good adaptation to the sports genre. A simplified version of American Football with large robots in a small stadium, Frozen Cortex excelled at recreating each situation, but still lacks the tension of major sports. more, more fluently.

Sports Games

The best sports simulation games to play on PC (Part 3)

Super Arcade Football

Developer: Out of the Bit

Release Date: Early Access

Super Arcade Football is based on the top-down perspective of Sensible Soccer but has more modern features, the most impressive is the slow shot that breaks all physical laws. Unlike SWOS, you can play Super Arcade Football online, making playing with other players much easier.


Developer: Bennett Foddy

Launch date: November 2008

In certain angles, QWOP is a … non-sport game. Most sports games focus on the use of simple, convenient control mechanisms for players to easily control their athletes. On the contrary, QWOP uses an extremely complicated control system to complicate the running of 110m hurdles (you do not misread, there are fences, but most players can’t play until there is a fence so they don’t know), which makes the game extremely frustrating and funny.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Developer: Spike Chunsoft

Release Date: Early Access

Is wrestling a sport? According to Vince McMahon (WWE boss), it is an ‘entertainment sport’, so it is temporarily accepted for this list. Unlike the bad official WWE games, Fire Pro Wrestling World is more about performing, encouraging players to play more visually than just focusing on winning. That, coupled with the character creation system on Steam Workshop, makes Fire Pro Wrestling a standout game compared to other wrestling games.

Desert Golfing

Developer: Captain Games

Premiere Date: December 2017

Desert Golfing minimalist golf game achieved great success on mobile and has just been launched on Steam. This is a seemingly simple game but not easy at all, creating extremely tough screens with only a few basic geometric components. More specifically, it is impossible to return, so every wasted attack will stay there forever. Previously, this game was only available on the Windows Store.


Developer: Roll7

Premiere Date: July 2014

OlliOlli’s success lies in knowing the fun of old skateboarding games like Tony Hawk and bringing them into two-dimensional space. OlliOlli’s simple horizontal viewing angle makes it easier to get acquainted with the sliding location while also being able to consistently perform extremely eye-catching tricks.