Football games

5 sports games for football fans

FIFA, PES, Football Manager, Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager and Final Kick are the best soccer games for this king of sports enthusiast.

FIFA (PC, Console, Mobile)

FIFA is a famous sports game and every football enthusiast is known. The highlight of the game is that the annual updates are always welcomed by the fans to experience. The game has a football simulator, an interesting player control, a realistic graphics platform. FIFA is also known as one of the best-selling games of all time. In addition, the mobile version of the game has the same gameplay and graphics as the original.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PC, Console)

Like FIFA, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) is also a long-standing soccer game. Konami always updates PES through new game releases every year. Despite many versions, PES has always been compared to FIFA from the graphics, the gameplay to the smallest details. This is also a soccer game that is loved by many gamers on the console platform.

Football Manager (PC, Mac, Mobile)

In Football Manager, gamers will transform into talented coaches like Mr. Park Hang Seo, with the task of assigning tactics in each match, buying and selling players. When it comes time to transfer and grow the team. The game has a tactical play that is suitable for players who are knowledgeable about this football. Football Manager has a version specifically for mobile devices.

Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager (Web, Mobile)

Basically, this is a football management game that allows the player to transform into a talented coach with the task of leading his team to join. matches. “This is a pretty great game, perfectly combining management skills and passion,” said coach Jose Mourinho.

Final Kick (Mobile)

Final Kick is a football game, developed by Ivanovich Games. Basically, the game’s gameplay is quite simple and focuses mainly on brain shootout. Players can transform into a defender with a series of attractive penalty kicks. The game offers a range of options for players to choose from including winning the cup with 20 different tournaments or challenging friends through the Multiplayer mode. The game is suitable for entertainment needs after stressful working hours.